Daniel Amneus

The late Daniel Amneus, PhD

Born  October 15th, 1919 – Died  December 18th, 2003

Requiem For Dr. Daniel Amneus

Daniel Amneus, Ph D, was professor of English (Emeritus) at California State University in Los Angeles.  His specialty was Shakespearean textual criticism. Daniel Amneus was married and divorced twice having two children and two grand children. One of the most insightful men’s/fathers’ advocates of the 20th century Dan left a world of wisdom  in three books.   First, Back to Patriarchy, second The Garbage Generation followed by The Case for Father Custody.   Amneus was the leading theoretician and articulator of the Fathers’ Rights movement.   His last decade was dedicated to perfecting articulation of the arguments supporting father custody.   Save The Males repeatedly references  these works. Click the book covers below to purchase these books.