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Divorce is occurring at an ever-increasing rate.  Presently one out of two marriages end in divorce.  Some claim it is more than that.  The emotional, financial and sociological repercussions of this worldwide growing problem are staggering.

Don’t let the humble appearance of this little booklet (formerly an MDA publication) fool you.  It can save you many thousands of dollars and much heartache.  If you are looking for easy answers to problems associated with divorce, look elsewhere.  There are none, and we will not pretend otherwise.

Some aspects of divorce, like the unfairness, are predictable.  Others are totally unpredictable.  Law controls in theory only.  In actual fact, judicial whim is the deciding factor and takes precedent over law, morality and common sense.  Therefore no one can say with absolute certainty which procedure is best to follow in each instance.  But generalizations can be made which will be accurate for most cases.  That is the purpose of this section.

Divorce is a racket; make no mistake about that―a racket perpetrated by lawyers, judges, and gold-diggers.  This is a guide to avoid the racket as much as possible, but it is more than that.  It also attempts to encourage avoidance of divorce if possible.

This guide contains generic information, not tailored to your state laws or judicial foibles.  We suggest contacting an attorney, preferably one referred by a local fathers help organization (See Save the Males) for listings.

Long ago many of us were where you are now, enmeshed in “Divorce American Style.”  It can be a shattering experience.  Publication of this guide is one of many steps we have taken to help correct the problems and to guide other victims through the legal tangles.  We hope the information herein will be of assistance to you.  It sure would have helped us.  You are dealing with perhaps the most difficult situation you will ever face in your life.  The decisions you reach now will be of long-lasting importance.  Please accept our sincere best wishes and support in your efforts.

MDA staff

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