Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)



Custodial mothers can easily brainwash children, if only subtly.  The “Generation of Vipers” Philip Wylie wrote of has materialized in countless father-hating children, many passing this sickness on to their children.  If Mom is bitter at divorced Dad, children are insidiously turned against him, sometimes against the entire male gender.  They see their father through the distorting prism of their mother’s hostility.  With Mom’s self-absolving encouragement, Dad is blamed even for his involuntary absence.  The subconscious minds of these unwitting dupes wait for the least excuse, such as a spanking or less, with which to confirm what they have been conditioned to believe — Dad is bad.  Children are hardly to blame, of course.  They are on the horns of a dilemma; a conflict between their conditioning telling them Dad is a big ass, and their eyeballs telling them he is not.

It takes lengthy brainwashing to misdirect children’s understandable anger, to bring them to the point they throw rocks at Dad's car when he drives up to visit.  That is when the support money goes grudgingly — if at all.  Mothers (or fathers) teaching their children to hate their fathers (or mothers) in western countries are akin to Palestinians teaching children that Jews are pigs and monkeys.  The 10-year-old son of Dr. Rick Lohstroh a Houston, Texas surgeon was so alienated by his mother after a contentious divorce, he shot and killed his father.  To teach a child to hate half of his ancestry is to teach him to hate half of himself.  Because the results of brainwashing are so catastrophic, I consider it more unforgivable than infidelity.  If PAS persists into adulthood, it can become irreversible.  That’s the point at which fathers (and mothers) should consider writing their children off, and getting on with their lives.

Dr. Richard Gardner, of Cresskill, NJ, a child psychologist, was one of the leading authorities on children of dysfunctional families.  According to Gardner, PAS is described as “a disturbance in which children are obsessively preoccupied with deprecation and/or criticism of a parent.  In other words, denigration that is unjustified and/or exaggerated.”  In effect, these children are taught to hate the Targeted Parent to the point of wanting to eliminate them from their lives.  Dr. Gardner considers this to be psychological abuse and to be the only form of psychological abuse that has clear-cut unmistakable signs and symptoms and therefore the only psychological abuse that can be easily diagnosed.

Maine Gov. John E. Baldacci proclaimed April 25, 2006 to be "Parental Alienation Awareness Day."

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