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Our scandal-ridden Congress has been described as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, or a bunch of orators in search of an idea.  P. J. O’Rourke calls them “A Parliament of Whores.”  Many are grandstanders who would enact any abomination a fad-conscious public desires – for votes, and consider sophistry to be a virtue.  Some defy national interests just to get elected or re-elected.  State legislatures are no better.

Hearing legislators and lawyers pontificate about honoring justice is like hearing Bill Clinton quote Scripture.  Ask most any where he stands, and he will launch like a wind-up doll into a peroration on the sanctity of marriage, the welfare of children, and justice for all.  But watch the artful dodging and fancy footwork if challenged to do anything meaningful about them.  Equating reform with anti-womanhood, they don’t want to appear opposed to what they are eternally engaged in upholding – motherhood and apple pie.  Horrors!  One such beacon of ignorance, Pennsylvania Democrat Representative Martin P. Mullen, while speaking against a divorce reform bill decades ago, unburdened himself of this observation, “A woman is born clean and decent; if she is bad it is because a man made her go wrong.”  Another in the Alabama legislature much later mouthed the same platitude.

Congressional sycophants have made the Feminist agenda a federal matter.  Republican Senator Biden sponsored the VAWA legislation (mentioned earlier) that – practically speaking – would address crime against women only, offering civil redress to only those crimes committed against women.  Some can out-demagogue Jessie Jackson on the subject of child abuse.  In the 1980s Elizabeth Morgan abandoned her husband and falsely accused him of child molestation.  She absconded with their daughter to New Zealand after the court, aware it was she who abused the child, awarded custody of their daughter to the father.  The chivalrous New York legislature passed special legislation absolving her of defying the court.  Conservative Senators Orrin Hatch and John Heinz joined Democrats in defending Morgan’s actions.  They were accompanied by Charles (Chuck) Colson, Dr. James Dobson XE "Dobson"  and Oliver North – normally sensible persons.

In March of 2005 Congress and President George W. Bush fell all over each other to enact legislation restoring the feeding tube to Terri Schiavo, brain-dead for 15 years.  Although Jessie Jackson barged in on cue, conservatives were the worst.  The entire nation focused on this one woman’s plight; the media covered it wall-to-wall.  This is not put forth to criticize the good intentions of feeding the poor woman, but to demonstrate the lengths to which politicians will go on behalf of women.

Betty Dick and her late husband, Fred, owned land in Rocky Mountain National Park, and signed a 25-year agreement with the Interior Department that allowed them to stay on part of it.  The agreement expired July 16, 2005.  Rep. Mark Udall, D-CO and Sen. Ken Salazar, D-CO submitted bills that allowed the widow to remain on the land indefinitely.  It goes on and on.

Imagine the precedent and Constitutional can of worms these adventures set!  Pundits go through contortions to explain the issues in such cases in terms of morality and law, blinded to the reality that the huge underlying issue in such matters is gender.  Wanna bet politicians would engage in these acrobatics for a man?

Thomas Sowell aptly said, “I think every member of Congress should be paid at least (a million dollars).  It's not because those turkeys in Washington deserve it.  It's because we deserve a lot better people than we have in Congress.”

The electorate, of course, is ultimately responsible for the low caliber of politicians.  Many of these ostriches we elected can’t even recognize the approaching danger from Islamic radicals.

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