Fighting The Good Fight



The men’s rights movement is often dismissed as a “bunch of angry men.”  Of course we’re angry, and justifiably so, just as Jews are angry about their treatment at the hands of Nazis.  The men’s/fathers’ movement, the struggle for men’s rights, is positive, not a reaction to women’s lib, though it’s true we must drain the Feminist swamp.  The prevailing level of discourse on the subject of men’s defense, especially by newly divorced men, was and still is comparable to that of illiterate 14th century peasants speculating on the cause of plague.

To many men it might seem that they don’t have a dog in this fight, but they do; read Martin Niemoller’s admonition in the introduction to Save the Males.  Reform sympathizers are many but relatively silent.  Victims of the ‘rape of the male’ cry out only when their ox is being gored, almost never before or after.  Quoting the greats: Edmund Burke, an 18th century Irish philosopher and statesman remembered principally for his criticism of the French Revolution, said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Ronald Reagan (The man who fired me in the PATCO massacre) said “If not us, who?  If not now, when?”

“My country right or wrong” is often nonsense; to accept things as they are requires more puerility than patriotism.  And outright condemnation, though easy, is equally wrong.  Muttering to each other on poker night is insufficient.  Barstool philosophy is rampant, but ineffective.  Many changes must be made before this country again deserves the title “Land of the Free.”  “Love it or leave it” are not the only alternatives.  It will be one of the most intense and difficult confrontations of our lifetime, a responsibility of biblical proportions – yet absolutely unavoidable if we are going to restore equal rights and dignity for men.

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