Feminized Males



Many men are being feminized into something resembling well-dressed eunuchs.  California Governor Swartznegger colorfully refers to them as “girlymen.”  Human Events editor Wesley Pruden insightfully calls this “The Gelded Age.”  Opponents of the concept of manhood have successfully imposed a perverted definition of manliness on American men.  The Robert Bly school wants men to discover their feminine side.  They want men to be sensitive and emotional.  They want to see men cry.  Well, there is nothing more disgusting than a grown man blubbering and carrying on like a woman.  It is demeaning and degrading.  Men do it, under extreme circumstances.  But they don’t like it.  And they would rather that no one was watching.  Bly makes a lot out of the idea that men are warriors, yet he wants to see men cry.  Warriors don’t cry.  So, all this stuff about finding the feminine side is hogwash.  It is meant to break the warrior in the man.  When men act like women, they are rewarded.  When they act like warriors they are put in jail, properly so.

It was men like General Patton who preserved the very existence of this nation.  Yet, contrast his popular appeal and remuneration with the non-masculinist likes of Liberace and Michael Jackson.  Really good people — athletes, scholars, and the like — take a back seat to all sorts of braying, gargling jackasses who make a fortune picking guitars and caterwauling.  Imagine, $450 to see a Mick Jagger concert – and sold out!  His ilk inherits the earth while better men die poor.  However, this is more symptomatic of generally low values than it is of sex discrimination.

Boys outnumber girls three to one in children’s mental institutions.  Boston University Psychologist Pamela Cantor, in a study of the problem, found that the suicide  rate of boys over girls is three to one in age bracket 14 to 21.  One school says that these situations exist because of an aversion to having the male role thrust upon them, blithely ignoring a more probable cause – the suppression of natural male characteristics.  Dr. Derek Miller of the University of Michigan is concerned about adolescents’ “role confusion” caused by Feminism.

When during a boy’s formative years his father is sabotaged and men in general are objects of judicial contempt and social disrespect, can there be any doubt why the boy would emulate women, especially assertive women?  The pretense of male incompetence, propounded or believed by judges, social workers, and comedy and advertising writers, coupled with the influence of effeminate entertainers and other public personalities, is very emasculating.  These subtle but powerful, mind-conditioning illusions can actually make males inferior; as they do other groups not inherently so.  You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

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