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I define the “big media,” also referred to as “old media,” as that part of the mainstream or established media, electronic and printed, together with libraries and bookstores, all usually with a portside inclination, that controls the cathedral of journalism or what Lenin used to call “the commanding heights of the culture,” as opposed to the newer bloggers, cable TV, and other broader-minded outlets.  Mark Twain said “If you don’t read the newspapers, you are uninformed.  If you do read the newspapers, you are misinformed.”  Bad news drives out good news.  Movies and TV appeal to society’s lowest common denominator.  The hype over, and awards won by, 3rd rate film “Brokeback Mountain” featuring two bisexual shepherds (their occupation itself should be a clue) is exemplary. 

In pursuit of sensationalism, pack journalists breathlessly hyperventilate on allegations of rape, child abuse, etc., barking and pushing all the buttons, grandstanding like CNN’s Nancy Grace.  Fixating on male suspects, they seem willing to believe the worst of, and to sensationalize, any man who is accused of any sexual misconduct, be he politician, actor, priest or athlete.

Legal theory holds that suspects are presumed innocent; in reality the presumption of guilt automatically attaches to males, and the status of victim to female accusers.  Due process and reliable conclusions demand more than summary pronouncements of guilt as with the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland.”

A PBS program Breaking the Silence in late 2005 was filled with incredible distortions blaming men exclusively for domestic violence.  One of the mothers portrayed as a victim turned out to be a serial child abuser.  Two ombudsmen at the Public Broadcasting Service itself, Ken Bode and Michael Getler, charged that Breaking the Silence claims were “slanted” against fathers, “incendiary,” and plain “wrong,” that “there was no recognition of opposing views,” and concluded the show was an “advocacy or point-of-view presentation.”  Further, that it “has been a launching pad for a very partisan effort to drive public policy and the law.”

Men are the victims of about 80% of the assaults and murders in America; yet from media reporting, one would think that sexual assault and rape are the major violent crimes.  The reality is that these latter are a small percentage of violent crime in America.  Sixty-two percent of child-killers are men.  While very few of them are fathers, the media frequently lumps these ordained villains in with mothers’ boyfriends and other caregivers, thus supporting arguments for mother custody.  For fatuous minds, facts do not matter.

Consider the media umbrage and fixation over the murder of such cause célèbre΄s as the pretty young North Dakota co-ed Dru Sjodin in May of 2004, over Natalee Holoway in Aruba in May and June 2005 (That practically became a new TV series), and over 17-year old Taylor Behl in September of 2005 (The conservative FOX TV network was the worst offender).  Remember the Princess Diana Festival of Grief several years ago?

In contrast, don’t expect to see this headline, “The disappearance of an ordinary-looking, middle-aged black man has riveted the nation’s attention.”  Relatively little concern is shown over the murder of men repeatedly driven over by the cars of angry wives or by the lingering death of the man impaled in a woman’s windshield and intentionally left to die an excruciating death.

In domestic assaults and rape allegations, the media and even the police routinely release names of alleged perpetrators, but never those of alleged victims, presumably because the former are primarily male and the latter primarily female (Remember, I said “alleged” victims and perps).  Use of the term “victim” before it has been established that a crime has been committed is prejudicial and patently unfair.  “Deadbeat Dads” is another favorite hobby horse.

There are exceptions: in the Kobe Bryant Colorado case the accuser was eventually named, but not until after the criminal case was dropped.  It was dropped because the charge couldn’t be proved, and because the accuser apologized to the police for lying about details of the “rape.”  In Alaska, Kim Tran, 35, was charged with first-degree assault, domestic violence and tampering with evidence.  Tran had cut off her boyfriends penis and flushed it down the toilet after he decided to leave her.  In an unusual application of tradition, the male victim’s name was not revealed.  ‘Bout time.

The Pew Research Center, a non-partisan organization, recently conducted a study of 547 journalists, 247 of whom worked at national-level outlets.  The conclusion: five times more journalists say they are liberal (read Feminist-oriented) than say they are conservative.  Only 7 percent of national journalists call themselves conservatives.  That bias is demonstrated by their largely subversive stance against the war on terrorism.

In his best-selling book Bias and Arrogance, former CBS news correspondent Bernard Goldberg criticized the pro-Feminist slant of the dominant media culture.  Stampeded by Feminists, the mainstream media are as obsequious to them as lawyers are to judges.  Pandering to the common bias, they follow the script, promoting and parroting it as if prophetic, functioning practically as its bulletin board.  The zeitgeist is to push women and minorities forward as high achievers, fighters, etc., beyond what’s real, manufacturing this image more than mirroring it.  Mona Charen said “Whole forests have given their lives so that the complaints of middle class young women could be enumerated, analyzed, deplored, and sulked about.”

Feminist spokeswomen are on the speed-dial of all TV producers, and their propaganda infests the public airwaves.  Media personnel not on the Feminist payroll are getting gypped.  Male writers hump the legs of Feminists and are as guilty as female colleagues.  It’s hard to tell if they cover Feminist doings or sponsor them.  Blinkered and taking at face value as received opinion most anything Feminists say, these acolytes seldom ask for the source to determine if the claim can be substantiated; dissenters have to disprove it.

An important reason the public is little aware of men’s issues is that men’s gripes and arguments, though more legitimate than Feminists’, are censored or denigrated (I’ve taken my share of cheap shots).  Consequently, I’m very cautious about interviews on gender issues these days.  For instance, years ago I appeared on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show.  The best parts were left on the cutting room floor, and a file of evidentiary clippings I loaned the producers became “lost.”  Balance is feigned by publication of writings from anti-male male authors, arguably on the philosophical fringe of our movement, under the guise of “masculinist” material.  Big media makes them seem to outnumber legitimate defenders of men and fathers. 

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