Table of Contents


Gender Images/Indiscriminate Chivalry/Misandry
Feminized Males
Crime and Punishment
Prison System
Employment, Quotas, and Affirmative Action
Rape Abuse and Harassment Claims
Divorce Amerikan Style: The Rape of The Male
Child Support
Paternity Fraud
Effects on Men
Men Driven Over the Edge
Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Law Interpreters
Bureaucrats, Mercenaries & Culprits
Law Makers
Divorce Court Judges
Law Merchandisers
Big Media
Products of Father Deprivation
Domestic Relations Reform
Law Reform
The Evolution of Society
Advocating Paternal Custody
The Sexes Physical and Mental Differences
Fighting The Good Fight
Appealing To Reason or Militancy
A Preferred Direction: Philosophy, Strategy, Tactics

The Table of Contents of Save the Males, Revision 5 follows. It provides a sample of content now completely reorganized. 

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Part I:  Why a Need to Save The Males

Part II:   JíAccuse

Part III:  Reality, Sensibility, Amelioration

  • The Evolution of Society
  • The Sexes: Physical, Mental, Behavioral and Functional Differences.
  • The Accomplishment Curve.
  • What Difference Do The Differences Make?.
  • Normal Man/Woman Relationships.
  • Manhood, Fatherhood, Womanhood.
  • Sex Roles, Affirmative Action Rebuttal
  • Pay Equity.
  • The Military.
  • Homosexuality.
  • Philosophic Issues Addressed.
  • Apparent Dilemma Resolved.
  • Chivalry Trade-offs.   The Double Standard Justified.
  • Rebuttal of Women's Lib: Youíve Come a Long Way Baby.
  • Compromising With Feminism...
  • Behavioral Change.
  • Arguments Against Divorce.
  • Avoiding the Tender Trap:
  • Cohabitation, a practical approach?.
  • Arguments against cohabitation.
  • Law Reform...
  • Domestic Relations Reform...
  • Reforming Custody.
  • Challenging Maternal Preference:
  • Advocating Paternal Custody:
  • Joint Custody:
  • Divided Custody:
  • Reforming Alimony and Support
  • Paternity Reform...
  • Punishing False Allegations.
  • Welfare Reform...

Part IV:  The Menís/Fathersí Movement

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